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Game News and Information Technology – So you are thinking of starting an e-commerce business. This is an interesting prospect, but it can also be scary. How do you get started? How can you ensure that your startup can skip startup?
The important thing, first of all, to understand one thing about e-commerce: Just because online doesn’t mean it’s easy. Actually, many basic business principles are the same for online and brick and mortar stores.
With that in mind, here are some tips to get you going with your new company.

Start with a Good Idea

The success of every startup depends on having an idea whose time has come, then having the desire to see that idea come true.
While traveling around India in the 1990s, David Gersenson realized that he had eaten fresh, local and often organic food on a regular basis, and he felt better than before.
E Commerce

When he came to America, he saw companies in the grocery delivery business, such as FreshDirect, taking off, and that success inspired him to start the organic version, Door to

Door Organics.
“He thought, ‘I can do that, there must be a market out there,'” said Cambria Jacobs, vice president of marketing for Door to Door Organics.
Since then, e-commerce companies have grown to serve thousands of customers in 15 states.
“Gersenson continues to grow and build this business because of her desire to inspire people to eat good food,” Jacobs told the E-Commerce Times. “This is becoming a very mission-oriented company.”
Having a vision for the future means seeing what’s out there and extrapolating about what needs to be done next. This is the kind of thought that inspired the formation of VirtualEShopping.com, a 3-D online shopping center.
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“Shopping is the only online activity that is not yet social,” said Mark Stein, president of VirtualEShopping.com.
“Web shopping is a unique experience in a boring two-dimensional interface. In contrast, the experience of physical shopping does not have the amount of product information available online, “he told the E-Commerce Times, and” carrying an iPad when shopping is impractical and easy. Uncomfortable. ”
While contemplating the lack of physical and online shopping experience, Stein began to develop his vision.
“The idea of a 3-D virtual shopping center follows this realization. “With the advancement of 3-D technology, this is the next logical step, such as the transition from black and white TV to color,” he said.
“Who doesn’t want to shop in a 3-D environment that visually stimulates with their friends if technology is there to do it, rather than shopping on the Web now?” Stein asked.
Do your homework
No matter how good your idea is, there is no point if you don’t understand your prospect. That means doing in-depth research before launching your business.

“Perform due diligence on what your best customers wish or consume, know their choices, and take the time to differentiate your e-store from others,” said Yulia Smirnoff, CEO of Commerce Brain.

“There are many that already exist. If you can find the unique benefits or results of your customers, you will be successful, “he told the E-Commerce Times.
Startups must be creative in terms of market research, because there are various places to get the type of information they need to understand their prospective customers.
“I will do market research on alternatives,” Smirnova explained. “Talk to people who can be your audience. You can also find an organization that has your potential customer base, and go to a big event and do an interview there. ”
Building an Effective Team
Working with the right employee or contractor can make all the difference in a startup’s success. Creating the right team, however, will take a long time.
“This will be a learning experience, because you might like someone at first and experience some setbacks later when they are employed,” Smirnova said. “It’s like dating, you will learn about people more only after you spend actual work time with them.”
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Be sure to have clear business goals when hiring, because those goals will determine the type of people you want to attract.

“Hire nice folks that believe your mission, and do not grow too quick,” Door to Door Organics’ Jacobs warned.

“What works when you are young may not work when you are older. Make sure your core is really solid before adding it.”
Get Expert Assistance
Finally, there is a world of consultants and e-commerce services out there, and beginners will do well to find them.
“Today’s retail and digital omnichannel environment can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced professionals,” said Kathy Kimple, senior consultant at FitForCommerce.
“Yesterday’s best practice is today’s old news. Today ‘good to have’ is the future ‘cannot live without’, he told the E-Commerce Times.
Consultants can help ensure that your business has the kind of guidance that needs to be navigated – and moved beyond – the rough waters of startups.
“The right basis, supporting infrastructure and technology is very important to achieve long-term success,” said Simple.
“The investment, resources and time needed to build a solid foundation are very important, for large and small retail organizations,” he said. “Making the wrong decision is not only expensive today but could mean additional time and money is needed to catch up with tomorrow’s competition.”

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